Wednesday, September 4, 2013

POTUS is in town..

It may not make headline news in the US, as it is only a stopover on his way to the G20 meeting in St Petersburg, but Barack Obama is in Stockholm. This is the first ever official visit by a serving US president to Sweden, so for us it is a big deal. Downtown Stockholm is under siege, and the media are following every step.

During his visit he will meet with the Swedish prime minister, pay tribute to Raoul Wallenberg at the Stockholm synagogue and meet holocaust survivors who were rescued by Wallenberg, be briefed on energy research at the Royal Institute of Tecknology, and have dinner with the Nordic prime ministers.

Tomorrow, he will meet the King of Sweden, before continuing to St Petersburg.

From a family history point of view, I note that on its approach to Stockholm/Arlanda Airport, Air Force 1 passed straight over Liljendal and Säfsnäs/Gravendal..

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